Our Vision.

We seek to reduce worldwide pesticide use by up to 90%!  In the US every year, over 500 million pounds of pesticides are used at a cost of about $15 billion.  Even a 50% reduction provides a $7.5 billion savings per year.


Sharing these reduced costs with the farmers means that everyone wins:

  • Environment and Human Health

  • Farmers

  • AgTech Worldwide

Our Solution.

Electrostatic deposition of pesticides in agriculture has failed for over 80 years, principally because plants are not perfect conductors and are not perfectly grounded.


AgTech Worldwide overcomes these limitations by (i) understanding the electrical properties of plants and (ii) applying electrostatic technology to meet these properties.  Patents are pending!


We are targeting cotton first because, although cotton is only the third biggest crop in the US (based on crop value), it is the biggest consumer of pesticides.  Further, cotton is concentrated in three regions in the US - Cental Valley of California, Texas Panhandle and Mississippi River Valley - which makes commercialization easier .