AgTech Worldwide was founded by serial entrepreneur Brian Kinard with the fundamental focus of improving large agriculture for the farmer, the environment and human health.  Born and raised in a cotton town, Brian is passionate about making agriculture once again independent from government subsidies while at the same time reducing agriculture's impact on the environment.

Our Vision.


We seek to reduce worldwide pesticide use by up to 90%!  In the US every year, over 500 million pounds of pesticides are used at a cost of about $15 billion.  Even a 50% reduction provides a $7.5 billion savings per year.


Sharing these reduced costs with the farmers means that everyone wins:

  • Environment and Human Health

  • Farmers

  • AgTech Worldwide

Company Profile.


AgTech Worldwide was formed in 2014 with the singular purpose of improving agriculture.  Farmers will benefit from lower input costs.  People and the environment will benefit from reduced pesticide use.


Brian Kinard (Founder & CEO) is an engineer and serial entrepreneur.  Brian received his BS and MS in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University and began his career working as an electrical engineer for Rockwell International and Alcatel.  Brian then received a law degree from Harvard University and worked for several years at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, which is a premier high-tech startup law firm in Silicon Valley, California.  After Wilson Sonsini, Brian has been a senior executive for several high-tech startups, the first of which went IPO and the last of which was acquired in 2014.


Brian was born and raised in a cotton town in Texas and worked on a farm before and through college.